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    Privacy Policy

    I regard your privacy as extremely important, as a future, existing or past client.  Confidentiality is a key principle of the business.


    In order to deliver my services and to carry out necessary business functions, I may collect certain personal data from you in a variety of ways, such as, through the website, via email, text, or verbally. These details may include (where applicable), names, contact and details. Personal data we obtain is collected in a few key ways:

    –       Data disclosed by the individual

    –       Data disclosed by an authorised third party (i.e. employer) on the individual’s behalf

    –       Data generated through user interaction with systems/services (for example completion of online profiling tools)


    You will always be told what I intend to do with any personal data we collect from you, however the principal reasons are to:

    –       Support the delivery of contracted services and products, or

    –       Achieve our marketing and sales strategies.

    When taking part in a counselling service or programme the information you provide will only be used for the stated purposes and/or those you have consented to.

    Untangling Minds will only keep data for as long as is necessary to meet these purposes. I will never share, sell, or rent individual personal information to an external party, or unless ordered by a court of law.


    The data I collect about you is accessed only by myself for legitimate business purposes and providing services as part of a contract.  Any personal data relating to the engagement is kept securely during the duration of the engagement and physically destroyed, shredded and deleted, one year after the end of the engagement.  

    If data is received via email, it is held within the email system.  All UntanglingMinds  laptops and backup facilities are encrypted and password protected and mobile devices are also password protected.  


     Any personal data I collect from you or I generate as a result of your interaction with our systems and services belongs to you. I work under the data protection laws in which I operate.


    Client personal data will be held for as long as the individual or their employer is in receipt of services from UntanglingMinds plus up to a maximum of 1 year. Where a client makes a specific request for their data to be deleted sooner and it does not conflict with any legal or compliance requirement to hold data for longer, we will honour the request.