Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees?

  • You are welcome to contact me for a free, no obligation telephone conversation to explore what brings you to therapy, and ask any questions you may have.
  • My fee is £160 per session for 60-minutes. Payment can be made by debit card or payment link following each session.
  • untanglingminds enterpriceUntanglingminds offers flexible fee options to accommodate individual needs, removing financial barriers, and we welcome inquiries for new projects and workshops that align with our mission of promoting inclusion and equity in mental health.

What if I cancel an appointment?

  • If you cancel, I wont charge you unless it is last minute.
  • Life happens. If repeated cancellations or missed appointments become a problem, I work with clients to address barriers.

What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?

A therapist's approach will not necessarily differ whether you seek counselling or psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is more likely to be long-term and suitable for a single or pressing concern, while counselling is usually time-limited.

Short-term counselling may be helpful for immediate problems, such as a job situation, relationship difficulties, bereavement, or traumatic events. A short-term counseling session is appropriate for people who are generally happy in their lives, but are facing a pressing issue.

With long-term psychotherapy, we can explore deep changes in our lives, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of how we feel about ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us. The process involves examining our pasts, thinking about our current challenges and future hopes, and exploring our patterns of beliefs.


  • AA (Young Adult)

    “Emmeline is the first person I have ever felt as comfortable opening up to. I have never met someone more understanding and compassionate. She has such a warm, welcoming presence. Every time I speak with her, I feel so inspired. I wish she could live with me so I could talk to her every day!”

  • HS (Student Counsellor)

    “Emmeline is an outstanding therapist , compassionate supervisor, and brilliant educator.I worked alongside Emmeline gaining practicum experience. She  draws from an impressive number of years of diverse experience and education. I now refer clients to her and cannot recommend her strongly enough. I wish there were more therapists who had her solid common sense and her boundless empathy. If you have a chance to work with her, you will not walk away disappointed.”

  • TB (Parent of Autistic Teen)

    “ Emmeline was my son's counsellor. He was reluctant to speak, but really opened up to her. My husband and I could see him grow in confidence. She also worked with his teachers helping them understand his needs, he is much happier in school now”

  • SR (Parent of a pre-teen)

    “I love Emmeline’s workshops, she's such a knowledgeable speaker and so easy to understand and connect with. Her one about teens and friendships really helped me make sense of my son’s struggles and how I can support him by not being too involved”