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"All of us, regardless of how we identify, need a community in which to grow... We require the tangle of other souls to enlarge our hearts, to perfect our relationships with one another and to help us understand more deeply our better Selves (big 'S')."

James Lecesne

I believe the stigma around neurodiversity and mental health in many countries is dangerous, discriminatory and outdated. And I believe people who are neurodivergent, and most importantly children, need to be protected, valued and supported. People who are neurologically, cognitively and psychologically divergent can often have different abilities, gifts and talents.

I am particularly passionate about advocating for better education and awareness of these issues in International Schools. To date I have delivered workshops in schools across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 

In my work as a School Counsellor I  have extensive experience working within International communities - supporting individuals, staff, volunteers & guiding support groups. A crucial element of my work is encouraging & nurturing connections in multilingual transient communities. 

I also speak at online and live events conferences. Topics- Here are some examples.

Conference and Workshop Presentations

  • Annual Conference International School Counsellors Association (ISCA)
    Dishing the Dirt On Messy Play (online)
  • ACAMIS Annual (ONline) TA Conference
    Therapeutic Sessions for TAs in Early Years Settings 
  • East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) Leadership Conference, Hong Kong
    The Importance of Well Managed School Transitions
  • Special Education Network & Inclusion (SENIA) Annual Conference Mindset Matters Malaysia
  • Early Years Conference (SENIA)
    Creative Confidence & Open Ended Messiness 
  • (ACAMIS) -Leadership Conference Nanjing
    Child Protection- Child Connection -Leadership Conference  Nanjing
  • MIND (norfolk and waverly) Professional Development Training for Counsellors - Feeling Connected - The Challenges of Managing Emotional Closeness & Professional Distance

Workshops for Teachers and Families

  • Differentiation From the Inside Out..Seeking to Understand Young Minds 
  • Resilience -Teach Your Young Person to Bounce Back
  • The Role of Emotion in Learning
  • You've Got a Friend in Me
  • Smoothing Transitions for Students With Different Learning Needs

Messy Play Workshops

I offer online and in person training for practitioners and families to create their own tailored ‘Messy Play Programme’ to meet the needs of their unique young people. 

They could be young people who are struggling to settle in new overseas settings and seeking familiarity, neurodivergent youngsters seeking sensory stimuli or adolescents seeking to express themselves and get a handle on self- regulation.

It is an intensive training that focuses on teaching the Messy Play benefits with an interpretive family play therapy approach to working with young children and adolescents. It  emphasises a neurodiversity affirming and informed approach that harnesses the therapeutic powers of play to help address mental health and wellness.

The experiential experience will enable you to create your very Messy Play formula based on your youngsters  needs, values, motivations and life situation. Have fun creating a Messy Play Programme for your setting! 

I can also offer Messy Play Therapy sessions for individuals and groups including adults.


What is Messy Play?

Messy play is the open-ended exploration of materials and their properties. Activities like squishing clay, pouring sand, and sorting stones allow us to repeat and experiment as they like. It is the opportunity to reignite  natural curiosity. Messy play engages senses at developmental levels. Foundational cognitive principles are exercised (motor, language, and social skills). Messy play offers an integrated learning experience.


  • AA (Young Adult)

    “Emmeline is the first person I have ever felt as comfortable opening up to. I have never met someone more understanding and compassionate. She has such a warm, welcoming presence. Every time I speak with her, I feel so inspired. I wish she could live with me so I could talk to her every day!”

  • HS (Student Counsellor)

    “Emmeline is an outstanding therapist , compassionate supervisor, and brilliant educator.I worked alongside Emmeline gaining practicum experience. She  draws from an impressive number of years of diverse experience and education. I now refer clients to her and cannot recommend her strongly enough. I wish there were more therapists who had her solid common sense and her boundless empathy. If you have a chance to work with her, you will not walk away disappointed.”

  • TB (Parent of Autistic Teen)

    “ Emmeline was my son's counsellor. He was reluctant to speak, but really opened up to her. My husband and I could see him grow in confidence. She also worked with his teachers helping them understand his needs, he is much happier in school now”

  • SR (Parent of a pre-teen)

    “I love Emmeline’s workshops, she's such a knowledgeable speaker and so easy to understand and connect with. Her one about teens and friendships really helped me make sense of my son’s struggles and how I can support him by not being too involved”